The Rhineland Social & Economic Model

The Rhineland Social & Economic Model is coming from a book published in 1991, after the economic failure of Communism. The author attracted at this moment the attention of the reader that it would be dangerous to believe that Wild Speculating Capitalism was the only and good solution… something that has been proved later with the Hedge Funds, Madoff and Bank Crisis. Already at this moment, he was promoted a ‘Middle of the Road’ way that was already more or less implemented in the facts in speaking German coutries, in the BeNeLux and in Scandinavia. He named it therefore : The Rhineland Model.

In the meantime, his book, as you see on the picture, has been translated in English, German, Dutch and even in Russian (details at your disposal on simple demand). Always very dynamics, Dutch people have even already founded a study group on the subject. You can find them on the web at :

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‘Tante Ju’ is still flying too…

In the same mind of our previous message, if you are interested in flying an Oldie, you should have to know that there is today a ‘Foundation’ organizing flight trips in Junkers-52, know also under the name of Auntie Ju. More information on their website :

The original factory Junkers is also making watches inspired by their flying experience. You can find them on

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The double Renaissance of the ZEPPELIN…

The Renaissnce spirit is also active with the Zeppelin, today renamed Zeppelin NT for New Technology. Several Zeppelin NT are now flying in the world and above the Bodensee (Lake of Konstans) were the new factory is installed : in the city of Frierichhavn! It is even possible to fly with it! More details on their website :

Additionally, for Flight Simulator Pilots, an add-on has been programmed for FSX. You can find it at :

Good Fly !

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Another ‘Must’ for our G.T.C.* : Hanse Sail 2011 – 11 to 14 August… soon !

> Hanse Sail Rostock is a wonderful nautical event. This year it is from 11 to 14 August 2011. > We recommend it strongly. More on their website : >
> * G.T.C. is Gotlander Tradinion Calendar – Sent from my iPad2 – Brandy-Hans van PARIJS.

a ‘Must’ for our G.T.C Gotlander Tradition Calendar in 2012 : The Hanse Days of Lüneburg

Experience the Hanse Living Links… 600 years later !

Welcome to the 32nd International Hanseatic Days! Welcome to the Hanseatic City of Lüneburg!

Lüneburg is hosting the 32nd Hanseatic Days of modern times from June 28 through July 1, 2012.

In 2012, the Hanseatic Days will celebrate the 600th anniversary in Lüneburg. Lüneburg hosted its first Hanseatic Days in 1412. Back then it was not yet called Hanseatic Days; it was a “Tagfahrt” (convening day). Emissaries from 23 Hanseatic cities gathered in the old salt city.

Now we are expecting guests from all of the modern-day Hanseatic cities, along with hundreds of thousands of visitors interested in the great cultural festival taking place in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Lüneburg. Whit an appealing range of cultural attracions, the 32nd Hanseatic Days promise to be an unforgettable experience. The entire historic downtown area as well as the Western Old Town will be the stage for an array of events.

Come to Lüneburg for the 32nd International Hanseatic Days! Enjoy the unique flair of our old city – a place that, despite its age, has managed to remain vivacious and appealing. Lüneburg is looking forward to welcoming you and offering you the best we have: Culture, ambience, hospitality.

Find your way to Lüneburg: Directions

You’re looking for a nice place to stay? We offer you many possibilties: Accommodation

Experience the history of Lüneburg and its medieval beauty: Guided city tours

If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to contact us. The Tourist Information Centre team at Lüneburg Marketing GmbH is happy to help you plan your trip. We look forward to your visit!

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The 3 Keys of Brandy-Hans…

The 3 Keys of Brandy-Hans…

Our concept of NORDEUROPA RENAISSANCE is divided in 3 sub-concepts that, when seen together, are forming one clear holistic point of vue.

Key 1 : to participate to the well reactualized HANSEATIC REVIVAL as you can discover on and

Key 2 : to promote and participate to the Social & Economic and typical European ‘Social Contract’ of ‘The Rhineland Model’, very well described in the here above e-book : ‘The Rhineland Way’ that you can purchase on the web.

Key 3 : Geometaphysic : the cultural & spiritual conter-weight of Geopolitic. It means for NORDEUROPA a sort of Protestantism Level 2 : rediscover and re-codify the original reasons why North-Europe has protested. This will be the work of The Gotland Seminary that will publish The Book of Gotland soon.

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Wofür wir Kämpfen – G. Faye – VIB Very Important Book – in German

Wofür wir Kämpfen – G. Faye – VIB Very Important Book – in German + exists also in English (see in previous communications). Sent from my iPad2 –

Different objects with the Brandy-Hans logo…

Differents objects with the Brandy-Hans logo are available by

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One of the most important book of European New Right

WHY WE FIGHT by G. FAYE is a very important book of the European New Right. This is a must. We strongly recommend to read it. You can find it by Sent from my iPad2 –

Religious map of Europe…

Here to, with this religious map of Europe, you see a clear profie of NORDEUROPA.
A North-Europe that ‘Protested’ against the Middle-East imported belief of South-Europeans. ‘Back to the Roots’ for us means studying the reasons why this happend and the original belief of North-Europe where the keystone is the Equality of the Women in the society : Ask & Embla, born together different but equals… a difference that still exists today with extremes as Norway and Saoudia Arabia.

Nevertheless, we, at NORDEUROPA RENAISSANCE, are close to the familial and traditional conservative values of the majority of actual Christians. We do not inted to ‘throw the baby with the water of the bath’ and with our ‘Blue Wing Line’ we are open to celebrate most of the familial and traditional events known today as Christians but being in reality with deeper roots in the past history of humanity and by this, very close to our own vision.

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